Wednesday, 27 June 2007


No1 daughter is feeling unwell today. I need to telephone the school to report her absense. The school has an automated system for reporting your daughters' absence, so when the phone was answered by a very nice lady I was caught by surprise. I explained I would like to justify why my daughter was not in school today, and gave her name.
"Thank you Mrs Davies, but you will need to telephone the Girls School, you are speaking to the Boys School."
Oh, so I have managed to prove my unsuitability for being a parent once again!

That's not as bad as my darling husband, though. His telephone call to No 2 daughter's school was just fabulous. We practically eat out on this story.

I had had a slightly huge disagreement with the headmistress and refused to telephone her when there was some small problem with something (can't remember what it was now). I insisted my husband phone to sort it out. He wasn't keen, he doesn't like phoning people at the best of times, and so he thought he'd be brave and decided to say something I would say. Foolishly, when the Headmistress answered (boy, she can be scarey) he blurted out, hello, this is Jasmine's Mother. I was in total hysterics and he continued the conversation with the headmistress completely oblivious to what he'd just said, and glared at me the whole time because I was laughing so much. When he put the phone down, he was furious with me, "what is the matter with you? I'm trying to talk to her and you're just putting me off" Once I could speak again I told him he'd just told the headmistress he was Jasmines' Mother..... he swore loudly.

A week later Jasmine was ill, I still wouldn't phone the school, so darling husband had to do it. He said, right, and this time I will not say I'm her mother, picked the phone up, and honestly truly, he did it again! The Headmistress really likes my husband, she smiles widely every time she sees him.
There's really no hope for our children!

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