Monday, 25 June 2007

Teaspoons are like Socks

How can it be so long since I posted?
Of course I'm terribly busy making the three return school runs daily, keeping house, watching House (obviously), and trying to remember where the dustpan lives.
Jen really shouldn't just up and leave on holiday like that. She only gave me a few weeks on earth does she expect me to find all the things to clean the house with in such a short space of time.
Ocado still don't deliver here. I know we are miles from civilisation, but I buy almost the whole of Waitrose when I go in, surely that counts for something?

We had dinner on Saturday with our truly fab friends Charlie and Catrin.
They are remarkable on many levels. Catrin went to Oxford and advises ,worldwide, it seems, on green energy. On Saturday she mentioned the time she was working as an electrician rewiring strip - joints in Soho (as you do!)
Charlie went to a girls school in London, and was indeed a house-husband when we all first met. But camp? Not at all, his voice is as deep as the flood water is today.

But the memorable statement of the night was that teaspoons are like socks! Catrin is definitely unique. I'm not explaining why teaspoons are like socks, it won't be half so funny, but I was suspicious about the coffee...

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