Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Second post today!
We have just come from a family trip to the doctors (we really know how to live).
There was a lady sat with her back to the childrens play area, where we are relegated to these days. She had really fantastic 80's/90's back-combed hair sticking out in huge spikes. I sat gazing at it thinking if it were only blue, she would look like I did in my Art College days. Sophie (3 years) pointed at the back of the spikey haired person and said very loudly
"why is that hair like that?"
I told her very quietly that it was very nice hair and people can have their hair however they want it.
"Well I don't like it", she said, again very loudly.
No 1 daughter burst into hysterics, my husband grinned in the opposite direction.
Sophie sat down with a book, pointed to a SeaHorse and said "look, a see-saw"....


Drunk Mummy said...

My son walked into the room where I was chatting to a particularly ugly man (with large ears) who was fixing a cable, and said 'Why does he look like a monkey?'
The silence was deafening, until I marched him out of the room and became deafening myself.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

I know someone who was sitting on a bench next to a man marvelling at the thickness of the lenses in his glasses. She then realised she had forgotten her lighter, leant over and said, 'excuse me, do you have thick glasses?', when he said 'pardon?' she repeated the same question before correcting herself and asking for a light!

Frog in the Field said...

Dear Drunk Mummy,
Very, very good. I really laughed.
I almost said the same thing to someone at a party last night, perhaps they were related.

PITK, Ha HA! That's so awful! It's very scary how a thought can race out of your mouth before you can close it.

dulwichmum said...

I love how very honest they are - at times... Sometimes, ok, very occasionally it can be fun.

The last time my monster in law visited, my daughter stood at the front door and said "and how long does she think she is staying for this time then?" to my father in law!

Frog in the Field said...

I can't stop laughing!
I have tears rolling down my cheeks, can't possibly comment on my mother-in-law, but she does tut at me a bit, ok a lot.