Friday, 6 July 2007

Just Stuff

It's the last day of term at HMSG...Hurray!!
No more getting up at 6am, nagging for an hour about brushing hair and getting dressed (and that's just talking to myself) and then having to miraculously produce something very important for a particular lesson when we are a minute late already!

Fun Day has been and gone at the local Primary, I have successfully managed to throw out all the rubbish my children bought without them suspecting a thing (i.e nice ornaments glued back together for only 10p...lovely).

This morning daughter No. 1 did forget her teachers' presents (just nice coffee mugs £2 from Waitrose, none of this extravagant nonsense...we'd be bankrupt with three children) and so I had to journey into town and drop them off at Reception. I always feel terribly humbled driving up the drive to school, some parents have Bentleys, and because my Volvo is in the garage I was having to drive (oh, I'm so ashamed)a Ford Fiesta belonging to my Mother-in-Law.
The journey is really very beautiful, I have to drive past two castles,( one inhabited) over the river and through lush canopies of trees, quite wonderful.
And even though I was in the dodgem, the Reception Ladies were impeccibly polite, and I saw no other parents...whew!

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dulwichmum said...

I know what you mean, I always thank the Lord himself if I manage to sneak in and out of the school unseen on my working from home days. I don't know if I even manage to brush my hair on those days - stress free days, so I hide from all and am grateful to go unnoticed.