Sunday, 1 July 2007

Christmas Dinner

We attended a Christmas celebration last night, it was great.
We had roast turkey and chestnut stuffing, Christmas Pudding and brandy sauce, we even sang a bit. It was a mainly family affair with a few extra friends and aquaintances, but as my husband is one of seven, you can imagine it was quite a crowd.
Illness prevented my sister-in-law from being home for our usual festivities. She's just recovered from near death and so we thought she deserved her missed Christmas dinner. It was also my nephew's 21st Birthday, it was brilliant.
The smallest cousins roared around constantly, they had a great time. We all wore Christmassy Clothes and accessories, there was even an attempt at a Christmas tree.
I'd already been swigging champagne in the afternoon with my sister to welcome her into her new home, so I decided to sit quietly and not drink in the evening.
I took my plate of dinner to the far end of the room to sit by a brother-in-law. He gave me his chair and got another one for himself. How polite...I sat on the chair and it feel to bits beneath me, lurching me sideways onto the floor! My mother-in-law frowned, family members gave me a standing ovation. My husband roared with laughter and the evening was full of over weight jibes in my direction. My Diet starts Monday.

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