Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Camping (and clothing)

The first time I went camping was with one of my sister's in law - I have three.
We put up her tent, put up a smaller one for our friend next to us, and then they left to find supper...left me in charge of a tent and 8 children under 9. I'm still scarred by the experience.
There was a book running on whether I'd actually sleep in the tent or book into the nearest decent hotel, but I stuck it out, I was very brave.
On the first morning my sister in law rushed into the tent declaring very loudly that I should have pointed out that her skirt was on inside out. Well, I might have done but I was too busy laughing. She then confessed to attending a school governors meeting in her official capacity as Chairman of the PTFA, in a very smart blouse..inside out, labels flapping! Of course she had no idea until she went home and took her coat off. Her partner couldn't speak, but only point at her mistake. She was horrified, poor thing.
Another of my sister's in law is a well respected, bigwig tax accountant, with a love of unusual hats ( and some interesting clients). She walked all the way home from entertaining clients at Bath Rugby ground, stopping to speak to people she knew in the street and finally walking into her beautiful apartment, where we were waiting for her. My subtle husband laughed extremely loudly at his sister, telling her how ridiculous she looked. I was in tears laughing, though not making the awfully rude noises my husband was.
My sister in law had walked right through Bath City Centre with the white, 3 inch label sticking out of the top of her hat, because she was wearing it inside out. She did find it funny, but then worried because she couldn't remember whether she'd put her hat on before or after she'd said goodbye to the prospective clients.

My Brother-in-law is a Haulage contractor, of very generous proportions. He often gets up in the middle of the night to do some work with his lorries. He's just so lovely and smiley, a fabulous gentle and indulgent uncle to my children and indeed his own.
I mentioned to him one evening how Sophie (she is only three) will put her pants on sideways if there's no bow on the front. He said he knew exactly the problem, getting dressed in the dark, he'd wriggled around in the drivers seat of his truck for a very long stretch (and not just metaphorically) wondering just why his undergarments were so ill-fitting that night. It wasn't until he got home and undressed that he realised he too, had his pants on sideways!
I of course, will not admit to any problems whatsoever with my own clothing!


Drunk Mummy said...

I always solve the problem of getting dressed in the dark, cramped conditions of a tent, by staying in the same clothes for the entire camping trip. Yes, I'm a bit whiffy by the end of it, but that way everyone leaves me alone (apart from the flies, that is).

Frog in the Field said...

Absolutely, what's the point in camping if you're going to wash?
But cramped conditions? no way, our tent is bloody enormous. I'm thinking of letting it on a Shorthold Tenancy.

Tattie Weasle said...

I unashamedly state here and now I am no good under canvas - or nylon as a matter of fact. Not becuase I don't like it but because my family snores! I tried earlier this summer in Wales but with husband, The Boy (aged 4) and the Littlest (15 months) all on their backs and snoring out of sync with each other it was too much and I slept in the Landrover with the dogs. Smelly, warm and snore free!!!!
Lovely blog! Of course I have never gone out with labels asunder...well no one has told me I have but have gone out with two different shoes on!!!!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

I recently squealed with laughter at a fellow mum and said, 'oh no! You've got your top on inside out!'. Deadpan, 'It's supposed to be like this'. In my day seams were supposed to be on the inside.

Frog in the Field said...

Oh Pig!
I think we've all said things like that..well I have many times! Sometimes innocently, sometimes because I'm cruel and heartless!