Friday, 17 August 2007

Chinese Fairies

Today has been lovely.
The children have been good, no moaning or whinging of any kind.
We have been to Usk Castle for a Fairy Playtime.
The eldest (12 years)went dressed as a pirate (don't ask), the middle one (8 years)went in a pale blue Per Una sequined woollen hat, and a pink fairy dress over: a Monsoon hippy chic top, Italian designer boots and Designer soft Denium Trousers. My goodness, she looked a sight. Individually her clothes are very beautiful, but they just weren't meant to go together. The little one (almost 4 years) wore a perfect pink fairy dress, pink sandals and a Tiara and carried a silver jewelled wand.
It was a really great morning. I did have one bottle of Party Bubbles stolen by a sneaky little madam, whose mother seemed blissfully ignorant that she had them, even thought she opened the bottle with her teeth for her daughter!
We wandered back through Monmouth and purchased a fine book called "The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls" by Rosemary Davidson & Sarah Vine. We all love it!
But, aha, the best for last..
After being out for the whole day and running my business from home, I came in and naturally checked all my emails. I often get emails from toy manufacturers with slightly dodgy English, but this is absolutely the best yet:

Hello !

At present, we are supplying valentine items.

If you are free now, please attend the enclosed images of some of our new valentine gifts.
They can bring much soulful and romantic feeling for lovers, so they must be selling well when the time is coming.

If you are interested in them, please kindly let us know.
More than 100 kinds of newest valentine items are waiting for you to choose.

Wishing all the lovers are in honey.

Best Regards,
Grant Lee


Pig in the Kitchen said...

I want to be a lover in honey! ~Can I? Can I?! I am struck by how sensibly spaced your children are, 4, 4 and 4 (more or less). Very clever.
Am going to google the book, it sounds cool.
Pig in honey.

Frog in the Field said...

You can of course be a lover in honey, an honourary one, otherwise you might suffer from excess bug attention.
My children may be sensibly spaced, but it means( I now realise) far too many years of playgroup and no sleep. I can also look forward to another 14 years of school fees (sob, could you pass a tissue?).
The book is excellent, we are all reading it.