Monday, 13 August 2007

Diet Days

Well, I've blown the diet already, I think!
Saturday started well, we went camping.
I'm sure lugging our tiny tent in and out of storage and in and out of the car, not to mention the mental activity required to get the outside layer the same way round as the inside layer.
Then of course was the frantic waving away of gnats required.
We camped near a reservoir, just half an hours drive from home, right next to the river.
There was our family of five plus my husbands' sister and two of her little girls. We all slept in our tent, though sleep is probably an exaggeration. The spot was idyllic. There were two young girls nearby with two tents for them and a tiny tent for dogs (I want one for Fruitcake). Lovely! we thought, ah but then their boyfriends turned up in car after car, all through the night. Beeping horns and shouting, dogs barking. All this, after the four hours of giggling stopped inside our tent. I remember everything falling silent and I felt lovely and warm and snugly in our double sleeping bag, and feeling this wasn't so bad after all, when my eldest niece woke up and started chatting. Slowly but surely, the five girls woke up and carried on five different conversations at once. We all got up and my husband lit the fire and cooked us all breakfast and made steaming mugs of tea (amber nectar), I snuck back into bed with a book.
We cleared up, put the tent away and repacked the cars, which took a considerable amount of time. And what was the time? Only 9.30am!! Needless to say we were shattered. The girls moaned for the rest of the day and I tried very hard to keep my eyes open.
Confession: I drank too much sugary tea and ate far too much shortbread to lose any weight this weekend! Starting again today.


Elsie Button said...

oh dear, what a stressful sounding trip. it still made me want to go camping again!

thanks for your comment on my post. good to find you - will be back!

dulwichmum said...

My word that sounds exhausting. Poor you, I hope you came home and went straight to bed.

Frog in the Field said...

I came home, popped the joints of (home produced) lamb into the oven and climbed into a nice hot bath.
I had occasional visits from darling husband asking how many people were coming for lunch, and which vegetables should he cook...when I came downstairs for another cup of tea, I did have to lay the table, but apart from that he did everything. He even sorted out tea for everyone later on too. Bless!

Exmoorjane said...

Oh god, don't talk about diets....I have been on one since I was sixteen and have done little except increase from a size ten to a size 16-20 (depending on the make of clothes. I am now seriously considering (for the third time) hypnotherapy. Or maybe just more wine. Camping though? Stressful enough to make me lose weight just thinking about it!!
PS - found you via Tattie-Weasle

Frog in the Field said...

Elsie Button, how nice of you to visit me here in Monmouthshire, you too Exmoor Jane.
Don't Diet as such, eat lots of fruit and veg and drink loads of water. I just need to listen to myself and I'll be fine.

@themill said...

Tried euro camping once - never again.
Found you via drunk mummy

Pig in the Kitchen said...

God, if you will go camping in purgatory, then at least agree to ditch the diet before you get there. One thing at a time, can't do diet and purgatory together.