Saturday, 11 August 2007

Frog Blob

That's it!
I've read Pig in the Kitchen this morning and she's made me think about when I was thin. I certainly don't want to be a size 6 again (even though I have a super size 6 skirt upstairs), but thinner would be good. My daughters' size 10 Per Una jeans are just too, too tight around my middle,and I think I'm really a size 14 again. I used to swan about, 3rd baby in arms, in my super skinny suede jeans and other Mums were so jealous. Now they look at me and tell me I look well, I know what that means, I'm getting fat.
My children cuddle me and tell me they love my wobbly tummy.
I have got out of the habit of juicing every morning and it shows.
So, Day 1, I've had a glass of water and I'm about to get my juicer going again.
I will get back into all those clothes, sitting redundant in the wardrobe.
I did have a Mountain Bike somewhere, and of course if darling husband wasn't so mean to me, I could have my indoor pool with beautiful glass roof and swim everyday.
I'm starving already. Thankfully we have a garden full of vegetables, runner bean anyone?


Pig in the Kitchen said...

Oh FITF I am with you on the weight-loss challenge. Have this very day resolved not to drink for - oh - quite a long time. The wobbly tummy thing resonated, my second daughter loves to stroke me, usually my arms or hair, but sometimes my tummy. She told me that Daddy and I should try and lose our tummies together!
My sit-ups start tomorrow.
good luck to you.
and i agree, it's all your husband's fault.

@themill said...

I too am looking 'awfully well' these days. And if your farmer is anything like mine a swimming pool would be out of the question but a hideously expensive new bit of farm kit will be 'essential.'

Frog in the Field said...

Well, yes.
I personally think it's ridiculous, what's a new combine harvester compared to diamond earrings? You don't have to reclaim any vat, they never break down, they never wear out and of course there's no road tax.