Monday, 6 August 2007

Hit and Pedal

Living in the country is so traffic. Even during two school runs covering a total of 16 miles I might only pass a dozen cars. During the summer holidays we have quite a few people walking the Three Castles Walk. My husband has been known to bring strangers into the house for cold drinks because he feels sorry for them and then drives them to where they are staying or have their car parked.
This weekend we have had the misfortune to have some championship bike race going through our beautiful countryside. My wonderful friends' daughter, Ella (equally wonderful) was walking from a friends house when she heard some people yelling "get to the right!" She saw a gaggle/rook/team of cyclists coming towards her and rushed to the right as they had shouted. Poor thing they ran her down! I came along a few minutes later to find her wandering and in deep shock, the cyclist left her cut and confused, with an apology, but all alone. She's only sixteen. I don't like these cycle races at the best of times, but I was livid when I found her. The follow up car had a dressing down ( I think I'll be reported) and the safety man had the same.
Poor Ella, can you believe, the cyclists were apparently shouting to eachother to get over to the right? I would have done the same as Ella. Living out here it's really the last thing one expects, oh that and another dose of foot and mouth...

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