Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Name calling

I feel Summery so I thought I'd completely re-vamp my Blog, hope you like it.
I had a call from a lovely lady asking about Party Bags for her daughter's Birthday Party. She needed some with Tigers on as her daughter is called Tiger Lily.
"What a cool name!" I said.
"Yes, and next week I'm giving birth by Cesarean section to a baby girl, and I'm going to call her Scarlet Ribbons!"
Wow, very cool names indeed.
I've had some weird and wonderful names sent to me for the Colouring Competition I am holding. Ellis for a girl surprises me.
I remember flying to the States when Jasmine was a baby. She was always dressed in pink. The people sat behind us were smiling at her a talking to her. I asked them if she was bothering them at all, "No, No...what's the baby's name?"
"Jasmine" I said
"Jasmine!! For a boy?"
We ignored them for the rest of the flight.
When our third daughter was born we were at a loss to think of anything to call her.
The two eldest insisted on Sophie. Our entire family bombarded us with daily suggestions, and pulled faces at any of ours. We finally settled on a name on our way to the Registry Office. We were in fact still arguing about it a bit when we reached the door, but it didn't matter, the office had moved 9 miles away so we were unable to register anyway.
As is typical of my husband in these circumstances, he swore loudly, we all got in the car and returned home. My cleaner stood in the kitchen looking at us hopefully, but to no avail.
We changed our minds over and over again, the two eldest still insisting on Sophie, we received two threatening letters from whoever feels the need to bully parents into naming their children in a mere 9 weeks.
Parents Evening came. All the teachers we passed said 'Hello Sophie' to the baby, much to our amazement. We kept explaining we hadn't named her yet; they looked confused. Then we were shown the 'Best Work Board' in school. Jasmine had painted a beautiful picture of the five of us. She had done it weeks earlier. Our names were clearly written underneath, and there was 'Sophie', proudly printed under the picture of her baby sister. Jasmine beamed proudly, with that 'See, I told you' look on her face.


Drunk Mummy said...

I hope 'Scarlet Ribbons' grows up to have nice hair.
I have a friend who christened her daughter Polly Esther - no kidding!
Love the new layout - very tasteful.

Frog in the Field said...

Polly Esther? Does static electricity bother her at all?

dulwichmum said...

What a lovely story! I was on the bus behind 2 little girls out for the day this evening, called Shiraz and Rose (I can't seem to print the special symbol).